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Publishing Synthesis, Ltd.

What Publishing Synthesis does is everything about the early life of a book, up to the time when paper meets press: editing and copyediting, design, art, typesetting, proofreading. Mostly you'll think of us as typesetters--and that's fine with us--but our long experience in the book world (since 1975) distinguishes us from other typesetters. We have tempered the vicissitudes of the computer with the soundness of book-page tradition and convention.

We regularly produce very complex work such as linguistics and mathematical texts. With much pride in its result, we were responsible for a complete redesign of Webster's New World College Dictionary, their current, fourth edition, still in print in 2012, published in summer, 1999.

More than half of the books that we typeset, we edit as well. We start with a manuscript along with its associated wordprocessing files and the author contact information—phone numbers and the like. From there we do everything that it takes to prepare that book for the pressroom—editing, art preparation and direction, interior design, typesetting, and proofreading. But it doesn't stop there.

More and more these days publishers want their data repurposed—made ready for use on the Web, CD-ROM, or the newest technology, digital printing, e-books, and print-on-demand (POD). We are both comfortable and proficient at converting data into other forms compatible with those needs. And it doesn't stop there!

Sometimes the conversion goes in the other direction: Books are created from electronic data captured from other resources--such as the Web and databases. Bypassing the heavy costs of rekeying data or creating art, this can make previously prohibitively expensive projects a reality. There, too, we shine. And still it doesn't stop.

We think it's worth saying that we're regular folks, too. We like what we do, we want to have a good time doing it, and we think that has something to do with why we do it better than anyone else, and why we do it better every year and every day. It just seems to contribute to a product well conceived and accurately—as well as creatively—produced. We hope you'll take advantage of our honest desire to produce skillful work for you.

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